Witches Tongue Flower Essence

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Our Flower Essence are home grown flower essence blends that nourish our inner life force to bring about awareness, change and energetic healing.

Flower Essences are the energetic imprint of a flower, captured in spring water through solar or lunar rays. No physical elements of the flower remain. When taken internally or used externally, flower essences promote self awareness with the ability to heal gently from energetic stagnation and imbalances. 

Witches Tongue Flower Essence | Speak Your Mind 

I can't help but imagine the energy of this essence rippling through the collective, feeding us deep sensual power and bold words. An essence declared to move your mountains, mourn the old ways (maybe) and literally release your passionate and true self into the ethers. Imagine the power women held over thousands of years, healing, honoring nature, understanding magick and spirit, THAT is what my hope is for your journey with Witches Tongue. To remember your roots and power and wisdom and strength and the flow to honor it in this lifetime.

This is a powerful blend. A little goes a long way.

Usage: Tap bottle 3 times on palm to activate. Use 4 drops as needed. You may also use on pulse points or in your own intuitive blend.

How to choose a flower essence? This one is easy, follow your intuition! Which ever flower essence resonates with you is what your soul is calling for. Trust it.

How do I know when to stop using a flower essence? Intuitively, your body and mind energy knows when it's done. You will tend to forget to take the flower essence, which is a good sign its no longer needed. Also, if a flower essences isn't needed, your energetic body will release it with no physical, mental, emotional or spiritual disruption.

Ingredients: brandy, spring water, essences of crimson snapdragon

1 oz amber dropper bottle

Avoid contaminating dropper to keep your flower essence as pure + energetically charged as possible.

All flower essences are grown, crafted or foraged from my own Secret Gardens.