Where the grass sways and the lace blooms

Ever bit of who I am is thanks to where my roots began in Upstate New York. In the wide open country, she sings my name and has my heart indefinitely. For the way her seasons shift effortlessly, her calm and inviting nature, and her sweet scent of honey and hay any time I venture back to gather another piece of myself. Wildflower Rose is every bit me. Which makes every bit of Wildflower Rose Home.

My Roots Run Deep

My Roots Run Deep

Having been born and raised outside of Ithaca NY gifted me the simplest and most wholesome childhood. I spent my days venturing in nature, climbing water falls, splashing in the lakes and whispering to the summer time fireflies. After moving away, my heart and soul truly witnessed how blessed I had been to grow in such an open minded and eclectic community. I bring those moments, memories and ethos with me into my craft, into my gardening, into my relation with nature and with the world.

I Made A Promise To Myself

I Made A Promise To Myself

Home is where the heart is. I have two homes, Savannah GA and Ithaca NY. Where I am and where I have been. My roots in nature and my wings in the most magickal, mythical place. My promise is to live in both realities and places; south in the winter, north in the summers. This promise, this reality has also shown the power of duality. I may exist as more than one; I can be part herbalist, part mystic. I can be sensual and passionate and also tender and sweet. Each lesson, each growth point and life path continues to share with me their own medicine, love and guidance.

My love and passion for natural healing and plant spirit grew from those roots and wings. I am part green witch, part mystic, part healer, part homesteader. My path for self healing has lead me to where I am now. My struggles have turned to triumphs (sometimes) and sharing the wisdom feels like a blessing I must honor.


Orders & Elements

How long does crafting and shipping take?

I am a fully dedicated mama, wife and self healer. I live with health challenges and I move at my body’s own pace, not what’s expected from society. All orders take 2-4 weeks, but may happen sooner. I allow rest when my body calls for it and flow with life. You will always receive emails when shipped!

What credentials do you have for practicing herbalism and magick?

I kind of hate sharing this solely because credentials are a mixed bag for me. They kind of feel part showy and also prideful completion. But ya girl is here to over come imposter syndrome so.. my background is originally in certified aromatherapy with Aromahead which lead to herbalism through the Herbal Acadmey. I’ve also studied flower essence practitionership with florecopia, organic formulating with Formula Botanica, I have my Reiki mastership, work with my Akashic records, have a strong connection with my intuition and spirit team. Plus, I speak with plants, as an empath and psychic I can feel their messages. It’s wild.

Where do you source your herbs and flowers?

All flowers for flower essences are hand grown and tended from my own gardens. Other flowers & herbs have either been handpicked by me at small farms here in Savannah or Ithaca. Others are sourced from small stateside farms that are stewards of the land, care about reciprocity with nature and honor the plant’s cycles and needs.

Any other elements used such as essential oils, hydrosols, are sourced from growers and distillers themselves or through small companies who work closely with these crafts people.

Musings of a Wildflower Letter

Join the journey, see what sparks your soul.