December 11, 2023


By Chelsea Stephens
Y’all. I can’t ever get over the Universal language of subtleties.

I live, eat, sleep and breathe by them. Signs. Omens. Messages. Spirit. Animals. Numbers. Dreams. Cards. Regressions. Hope. Vibes. Planets. Shifts. Feelings. Knowings. Love. Pain. They all speak to me effervescently.

Before pulling any cards, beginning my shuffling and breaking of my deck I asked out loud “about relationships, career and health” in regard to my tarot session. I kid you not this popped out immediately after I finished speaking. 😮

Now if you’re new to tarot, a Death card can seem intense and scary. But it’s actually quite beautiful. It’s symbolic, not logic. It’s a death of certain parts of your life, an ending and then a beginning. And I sure as heck am going through the deep trudges of a soul level death and purge. I didn’t exactly ask for the specifics BUT I did ask for major changes. Major.

This last year I have opened myself up to so much. I have been walking the path of deep emotional, spiritual, past life healings. I have been digging up parts of me I’ve missed so dearly for so long or hid out of shame or pain. Deep down I am a wildly passionate, sensual and fun person with deep, philosophical thoughts and complex, other worldly feelings and views. I got tired of performing for others and decided I was more important. Because I matter too. My happiness and joy matters. And letting the pain of the past hold me back had runs its course. Release without confrontation isn’t always easy but at least I get to say my peace.

I have loved deeply. I have played and laughed. I miss her. I miss who I was before I broke and broke again. It feels as if life events and my health have been my tripping stones or hidden roots that catch my toe, i fall I get back up & continue on. But the bruises and scrapes grow.

Things are shifting. Big parts of me are dying. It’s not easy letting go to grow. It’s scary and painful and unnerving. But I didn’t come here to be mediocre. I came here to experience a full, beautiful and loving life. I have my family I adore, I have a beautiful home and a body that fights tirelessly for me to survive and one day thrive. I am at grateful for this life.

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