January 02, 2024

My feet are walking ahead.

By Chelsea Stephens
My feet are walking ahead.

My feet are walking ahead. My mind is what’s caught in the past.

It’s a very surreal feeling. Honestly all of 2023 and some prior felt like I was living in dual realities. A space of past lives, past loves, deep wounds and wounding, my fears and projections. And also great strength in honoring what nudges me ahead little by little. 2023 showed me more synchronicities and the intense value of deeply trusting and honoring my wisdom, my intuition and psychic knowings than I have EVER experienced in this current life. It was a trip!

One thing I know for sure is magick is real. Spirit is real. My intuition and knowings is real. I have magick and I so desperately and deeply want to share it. For lack of better wording, I have been wounding many times in my past for sharing these gifts. Whether recent or many years ago or many lifetimes ago. And what I’ve learned is this; I f.cking matter. My boundaries matter. My peace matters. My rage is sacred and real and honorable. I have never been an evil-doer nor have I ever intended to plant harm on a single soul. With that knowing, I am treading lightly and feverishly to grow into this new phase or chapter of myself.

I am reformulating all Wildflower and The Rose offerings so they are less copy-able. I am resurrecting my beloved Wildflower Gypsy brand for folk magick & flower alchemy (another website/biz addition). I am pursuing passions I have been too saddened or wounded to entertain. No one has the right nor my permission to put out my fire. A lesson I am deeply and sometimes painfully learning. Because standing up for myself has never been easy. But again, I matter too.

So I ask of this, if you don’t like what I’m doing, don’t like a brand name I use, decide to share my knowledge & info without permission - ask yourself how you’d feel if you spent thousands upon thousands of dollars, years and years and years of time studying, crafting, formulating, trial & erroring, pouring your literal soul into everything you do, crying, struggling and getting back up again if you *actually* deserve the right to share it or judge it. You earn your keep, you don’t syphon it off others like a snake. A rose too has thorns

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