October 18, 2023

Let’s talk the “witch” vibe.

By Chelsea Stephens
Let’s talk the “witch” vibe.

Because there is an insaneee amount of misconception and assumptions out there.

Would I call myself a witch? Eh I don’t know. Do I practice green witch sh.t? Yes. Buttttt here’s the caveat; I was working with plants and energy and nature welllll before I learned about green witch craft and all things witch. I know there are many people out there who practice spells and whole heartedly call themselves a witch. That’s awesome babe, you do you.

For me it’s a mix. 1, I feel uncomfortable calling myself something that killed thousands of people just because they worked with nature (google the history beyond the Salem witch trials, it’s nuts). It’s this weird space where I love and cringe at the same time. I’ve heard many women claim the word because it brings back the ownership and honor. I mean, am I the only one with mixed feelings on this? And 2, the modern term “herbalist” seems a little more user friendly. Like I don’t want to “BOO” scare your shit with witch magick and also I kind of get a sick thrill out of it.

This polarity between “good and bad” or “herbalist and witch” or “feminine/masculine”; it’s an interesting paradox for me. With a world in love with titles I love witch shit so I guess that makes me one? And also in the same breathe couldn’t there be other titles too? A woman who works with her intuition? A woman who works with her cycles and the lunar cycles? A woman who cooks with herbs for her family? A woman who honors her moods and inner knowings?

At this point I’m rambling. Welcome to my brain. What does the term “witch” bring up for you?!

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