January 13, 2022


By Chelsea Stephens

Healing takes on many forms.

Living, breathing, dying are all healing. I used to only perceive one way of health or healing. It was the safe way. The way I knew. What was comfortable. Not taboo or painful. It was the discussion of what takes the pain away. And death was not it (the suitable answer). 

What if those scary things we need to talk about, but are too afraid of the pain, is the only true way to heal?

It's not avoidance of pain that heals, it's the bodies ability to fight in spite of the pain. The consideration, the support, the determination. Maybe our view of healing have been skewed and wrong all along? Maybe the pain is the healing? It's gotten so loud one cannot ignore it anymore; the shortness of life's breath, the body's capacity to trap trauma, our innate need for grievance and to allow what needs to flow through, to flow.

Maybe healing is the experience of life. The ebb and the flow, the constant rhythm of a heartbeat, the inhale, the exhale. synchronicities as one. Duality.

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