Musings of a Wildflower

  • My feet are walking ahead.

    My feet are walking ahead.

    My feet are walking ahead. My mind is what’s caught in the past.

    It’s a very surreal feeling. Honestly all of 2023 and some prior felt like I was living in dual realities. A space of past lives, past loves, deep wounds and wounding, my fears and projections. And also great strength in honoring what nudges me ahead little by little. 2023 showed me more synchronicities and the intense value of deeply trusting and honoring my wisdom, my intuition and psychic knowings than I have EVER experienced in this current life. It was a trip!

    One thing I know for sure is magick is real. Spirit is real...

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  • Omens

    I live, eat, sleep and breathe by them. Signs. Omens. Messages. Spirit. Animals. Numbers. Dreams. Cards. Regressions. Hope. Vibes. Planets. Shifts. Feelings. Knowings. Love. Pain. They all speak to me effervescently.

    Before pulling any cards, beginning my shuffling and breaking of my deck I asked out loud “about relationships, career and health”
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  • Let’s talk the “witch” vibe.

    Let’s talk the “witch” vibe.
    Because there is an insaneee amount of misconception and assumptions out there.

    Would I call myself a witch? Eh I don’t know. Do I practice green witch sh.t? Yes. Buttttt here’s the caveat; I was working with plants and energy and nature welllll before I learned about green witch craft and all things witch. I know there are many people out there who practice spells and whole heartedly call themselves a witch. That’s awesome babe, you do you.

    For me it’s a mix.
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